We at Sukhi Zindagi are hard-working young professionals with new ideas. We are a home services women-led startup which is at your service. We are very passionate about the service we provide and bring to you the trusted and quality services. Your comfort and trust are our foremost priority.

Sukhi Zindagi is:

A Women-led startup

First of its kind in Pakistan

Reliable services provider

Providing Job Opportunities to the needy.

What Makes us Different?

We care about the quality of our professional services by maintaining the behaviours, health, fitness, presentation and service quality of our team members. To ensure the safety and protection of our valued customers, company itself provides pick and drop services at customer's doorstep under careful supervision.

Our staff is:

Professionally trained

Presentable and Properly Uniformed

Healthy and hygienic


Supporting Women Empowerment

Sukhi Zindagi is a women-led startup which is playing its part in women empowerment through creating a platform which is led by women and will provide employment opportunities for other women as well.

The CEO of Sukhi Zindagi is a woman who has established this setup to project the women who find hard time in their practical life.

Other than the woman employment, Sukhi Zindagi fully funded education program is encouraging the needy women staff to enhance their education which will open new opportunities for women in professional sector.

We at Sukhi Zindagi are trying to eliminate the stereotypes associated with women working as maids and receiving disrespectful treatment on their workplaces.

Women from the underdeveloped areas of Pakistan will be joining us. These women will be treated as valued employees. We will ensure staff protection, respect and their social status.